Jan 26

I come to the realization that in order to grow you need to stretch… but not too much. :)

Jan 18

The Avatar Experience

Posted by Andrew

Some venting on my failed attempt to see Avatar in Imax 3D.

Jan 17

The Linchpin Session

Posted by Andrew

Some thoughts on Seth Godin’s Linchpin Session on 1/15/10.

Jan 13

5 or 6 offers…

Posted by Andrew

Is it wrong to apply to multiple jobs that you have no real interest in? (Even at a commercial pest control companyor a rest home

Jan 12

Another take on career fairs…

Dec 28

Steve Jobs and failure

Posted by Andrew

Calling your child a failure in life and Steve Jobs’ thoughts on death.

Dec 17

Two months absence

Posted by Andrew

Some life lessons I’ve learned in the months since my last post.

Oct 12

An outline of my current plan to fulfill my dreams.

Sep 27

Some outrage over our country’s ridiculous waste and how the media never talks about it.

Sep 26

Society’s expectations

Posted by Andrew

Some musings about who I am and how I am a failure.